Beer Boot Drinking Tips

Drinking from a beer boot can be a challenge. The obvious culprite is the boots’ toe-and-heel design. Using simple physics, the beer will flow faster if the toe is pointing towards the ceiling; however, this usually spills all over the drinker. It is the tendency for most novices to turn the toe up, but beware. This results in an uneven flow of the beer which will lead to air bubbles being released followed by a chugging sound and the drinker often getting soaked as pressure equalizes and beer surges forward towards the unsuspecting victim. What you should do is to hold the beer boot at an angle with the toe pointing downward. This allows for an easy transfer of pressure equalization and by using this position the boot can be easily emptied. 

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate!

Beer Boot Rules

The boot may not touch the table until it is empty; you must flick the boot (traditionally for good luck) before passing it to the next player. You must not, at any time, spill, splash or drip beer from the boot. Failure to comply with these rules may automatically result in your being required to pay for the next round of drinks.

Boot Circle

Goal of the game: Either finish the boot yourself or leave the next player with a challenging or impossible amount of beer to drink. The next-to-last drinker is the loser and is required to pay for the next round of drinks.

The boot circle requires only a single beer boot. In this game, the person who empties the beer boot is the winner. The first player begins drinking from the boot, and may pass it to his left or right at any time. When the next player receives the boot, he begins drinking and repeats the process.

Boot Circle is best played with a 1 or 2 liter boot, depending on the number of people in the circle.

Another rule of the boot circle game is that the winner of one round can make up a rule for the next round like saying something funny or standing on one foot.

Team Boot

The team boot game is like the speed-drinking game in the movie “Beerfest”, the only difference is that in the movie the two teams of equal numbers each drink a series of filled boot in succession. In the team boot game, each player may only start drinking when the teammate to his right empties his boot, turns it upside down to prove that there is no beer left in it, and then sets it on the table. The first team to successfully empty all of their boots in this manner is the winner.

Be warned that Team boot is a potentially dangerous drinking game, due to the amount of beer consumed at one time.

*This game is best played with 1/2-liter boots. These boots are smaller than the traditional German sizes, but facilitate a safer competition. Real champions can step up to the 1 Liter Boots, but only trained professionals should venture to a much larger boot.