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2 Liter Beer Boot Pointed Toe - Mouthblown

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This two liter beer boot is the 2nd largest mouthblown glass boot on the market. Made famous by its starring role in the cult-comedy Beerfest, it has since become hugely popular as unique gifts for groomsmen, birthdays, and Christmas. Are you up to the challenge of 'das Boot'?

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This sexy Mouthblown Beer Boot is a MASSIVE beer glass! Each boot holds 2 Liters of frosty brew. Because they are so colossal, have a compelling history, and are a centerpiece for so many games, a 'Beer Boot' is a must have for any beer lover. Make yourself feel great by giving the perfect gift to the beer lover in your life and make them one happy camper. And there's no harm in spoiling yourself with one either.

Please note each boot is hand made and unique, therefore small imperfections and bubbles may occur naturally as part of the mouth blown glass making process.


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