Best Beer Glass Engraving Quotes

Every day at BeerFestBoots we received many orders from beer lovers around the planet.  Each morning when we open the orders from the previous night, we laugh our asses off from the clever & often tear jerking one-liners that you guys want engraved on your boots.  We also have many people asking us for recommended phrases for their beer glasses.  In any case, here is just a tiny sample of some of our favorites that we've received over the years.  We are sure we missed some great please submit them to us by clicking here.

  • Beer is cheaper than therapy
  • I don't get drunk, I get awesome
  • He who chugs thy boot shall be immortal!
  • Beer is proof that God loves us and want us be happy
  • Beer is the cause and solution to all of life's problems
  • I turned 30 and all I got was das boot!
  • I remember when I had my first beer
  • Drinking boot beer is WAY better than football
  • I guess I'm better when I'm drunk
  • Beer fuels the dreams of champions
  • You have the right to remain silent but I want to hear you scream
  • For Mike on his fiftieth, give old age the boot!
  • Milk is for babies real men drink beer
  • Whoso drinketh of this boot is rightwise king born of Speegleton
  • Do NOT put on foot even after drinking contents
  • When beer goes in wisdom Comes Out
  • Its no shoe... it's a DAS BOOT!
  • Cheers to 30 Years & 30 Beers!
  • Live 
Bleed Rugby, rugger for Life
  • Don't Tease If You Can't Please
  • Alcohol may be your worst enemy, but the bible says love thy enemy.
  • To Future Days And Our Crazy Ways
  • A woman drove me to drink and I never got the chance to thank her
  • These boots are made for drinking
  • The best beer in the world... is the beer in your hand.
  • In heaven there is no beer that's why we drink here
  • To my partner in crime! I love you!
  • If you probably weren't there
  • You make partying an extreme sport
  • For instructions consult owner.
  • Richie Paulos, 50% Irish 50% Greek 100% NJ
  • Booze is the answer! I don't remember the question.
  • Drunk is feeling sophisticated when you can't say it.
  • An intelligent man drinks to tolerate his friends.
  • Your drunken words are amusement to everyone.

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