7 Fun Beer Apps for Android and iPhone

beer appsBeer lovers deserve great apps, too. Many of the apps made specifically for beer are simply dreadful. However, some are worth your time and many don't even come with a cost. Here's a look at seven fun apps you can enjoy if you love beer.

BeerAdvocate - Free

This free app provides a great way to get the latest news and reviews about beer. There's a huge index of beer bars found throughout the world. It may not be the sexiest app out there, but it's quite clean and sleek.

Elixr - Free

Elixr is basically like a Yelp feed for specific drinks. It's one of the coolest beer aps you will find and provides plenty of reviews on different types of beer.

You can use the app to check in at a beer bar and review whatever you drink there. It's great to see the different establishments serving the top drinks and even serving the best beer pours for some of the more sophisticated choices.

Next Glass - Free

This app actually has a scanning features and it works. It will make recommendations for you for your next beer after reading your current label. It will also figure out your taste over time and help recommend good choices for your palate.

Rate Beer/Beer Buddy - $3.99 each

These two apps are the same, but sold separately. They give you access to all of RateBeer's information right on your phone.

Any Beer ABV - Free

About 8,000 different ABVs are found throughout the searchable database and it's growing every day. It's a great choice if you want to find out the ABV of a beer when it's not on the bottle.

BreweryMap - $3.99

This beer app provides the best choice for those going on a road trip. You can create a customized brewery road-trip itinerary by plugging in your location and your destination. It will map out all the breweries on the way for you.

Untappd - Free

Known as one of the top social beer apps, this one will allow you to connect with other beer drinkers. It's quite user-friendly and provides check-ins, ratings and much more.

These are just a few of the many beer apps out there. If you don't want to sift through the garbage apps, just download the seven choices from this list.

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