7 Killer Groomsmen Gifts They Will Talk About Forever

Oktoberfest Engraved MugMaking an impression on the guys you have chosen to stand with you on the big day doesn't have to be difficult. You don't have to choose the typical groomsmen gift for your guys. Here are seven better choices if you want to make a great impression.

#7 - Scorzie Score Tracking Koozie

If your guys are all sports fans, this is the right Koozie for them. It will allow you to keep score between two teams, while keeping your drink cold.

#6 - Remote Control Cooler

Have you ever wanted to have a drink brought to you? This cooler is perfect for the guys looking to move it around during the big game without getting up. It will keep 12 drinks cold and provides a battery powered cooler for the big game.

#5 - Customized Bobble Head

Turn each of your guys into a bobble head and you will be the talk of the wedding. This is a great personalized gift for any groomsmen.

#4 - Oktoberfest Engraved Mug

If your guys love to drink, there's nothing better than the Oktoberfest mug. This mug can be engraved with the message of your choice.

#3 - Microbrewed Beer of the Month

A great way to thank your guys for being in your wedding is the microbrewed beer of the month club. They will receive 12 craft beers every month. Your guys will get to try all types of new beer with this gift.

#2 - Engraved Beer Babe Glass

Maybe a little racy for some groups, but perfect for others, the Beer Babe Glass features a woman's figure. You can even have it engraved with any message you choose.

#1 - Engraved Beer Boot Glass

Choose the style you prefer and the right size with the Beer Boot Glass. This is one of the most popular choices if you want to give a personalized gift to your guys they will be able to use over and over again.

There are many great gifts you can give to groomsmen. These are just some of the top choices if you want to make a serious impression.

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