Cool Things You Can do with Beer

 things you can do with beerOf course, the main reason anybody gets a beer is for drinking. Did you know there are many other uses for beer? Here's a look at some of the things you can do with beer other than drinking it.

Meat Marinade

Maybe one of the most common uses for beer is marinating meat. Since it is slightly acidic, it can work very well for tenderizing meat. The right beer will also add plenty of flavor to the meat.

Polish Copper

It's not used as much today to polish copper as it was in older days, but it still works. They used to take the last bits from spent kegs and use it to polish the vats at the breweries. The Idaho Brewing Company still does this and uses the beer to shine the copper-top tables they use within the facility.

Wash your Hair

Did you know, beer can add the shine back to your hair? Just take a cup of beer, boil it over medium until the alcohol is gone and you have about one-quarter cup left. Then, mix this will your shampoo and you will have the right mixture for shiny hair.

Getting Rusty Bolts Loose

A little bit of beer on rusty bolts can make them much easier to remove. Just pour some beer on them and let it sit for a few minutes. The carbonation will help break through the rust.

Sooth Sore Feet

Have you ever thought about using a couple cold beers to soak your tired feet? It works and with ice cold beer, you can find relief because of the carbonation.

Other interesting uses for beer include:

  • Icing a sore muscle
  • Roasting a Chicken
  • Scale Fish
  • Remedy for Snoring
  • Cook Rice
  • And More!

Even though the main reason for getting beer is for drinking, there are many other uses for it.

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