Which Beer Gifts are Best to Give for Christmas?

beer bootIf you have a beer lover on your list, getting the best beer gift for Christmas is a great way to surprise them. There are so many excellent choices ranging from beer club memberships to fun beer glasses. Here are some of the top choices for this year's beer lovers.

Beer Boot Glass

Available in all different sizes, the beer boot glass is a very popular choice. You can customize it by adding the person's name or another etching. The beer boot glasses come in multiple sizes and make a great glass for any beer lover for Christmas.


Maybe your favorite beer lover enjoys buying half-gallon growlers from the local brew pub. The only problem, the half-gallon jugs don't keep the beer fresh for very long.

You can give them a great gift with the uKeg, which will help keep the beer fresh longer. It comes insulated with a CO2 cartridge to keep the beer carbonated and ready to drink. The uKeg has a keg-style tap handle and pour a perfect beer into the boot glass every single time.

Growler On Board

Another cool beer gift is the Growler on Board. This product allows you to easily transport multiple growlers home without any issue. You won't have to worry about the growler getting shaken up as much or rolling around your car. This product will keep them in place and safe as you drive home.

Beer of the Month Club

A Beer of the Month Club is a great gift for your beer drinker. They will get to try something new every month and what better way to compliment the beer boot glass? If you give both gifts, you will be giving a cool glass to drink their new beers from.

There are several great beer gifts you can give for Christmas this year. Whether your beer lover enjoys craft beer or the same old thing, any of the gifts on the list above fit perfectly with what they will love.

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