Beer Reduces Symptoms Of Arthritis

Many of us thought that beer can only provide us relaxation, skin-glowing benefits, stress-reducer, hangovers, vomiting, stomachaches, etc. Study shows that regular consumption of beer reduces the symptoms of Arthritis. Amazing isn’t it?


It is the most severe form of joint disease. It may even lead you to severe disability. Your body’s immune system damages or attacks the surroundings of your muscles and other ligaments. Sooner or later it damages your joints and because of this, the joints in your hands, feet, and/or arms become excruciating, inflexible, and on severe cases, joints are distorted.

According to studies conducted by researchers from the University of Sheffield in England, they found out that those patients who drink alcohol often have less severe cases of arthritis than those who have never drank alcohol. Alcohol may help you lessen the ruthlessness of rheumatoid arthritis.

The researchers from the University of Sheffield conducted a test. They questioned 873 people with arthritis that drink beer often and 1,004 people who also have the same disease but regularly drinks beer.

They all underwent an X-ray exam and a blood screening. Pain, swelling and disability of patients were also examined. After the test, results have shown that a person with rheumatoid arthritis, that regularly drinks more beer, suffers less inflammation, joint pain, swelling and disability than those who drink less often.

Evidence shows that beer destroys the activity of your immune system when arthritis attacks. Researchers stated that the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of beer may play a vital role in decreasing the brutality of arthritis symptoms.

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