Do you have the Right Beer Toast?

beer bootWhether you just need a toast for random celebrations or you need one for a specific event, the right beer toast makes a difference. Here's a look at a few of the top beer toasts you can use for different occasions.

Funny Toasts

If you want to be funny, you can use one of these toasts:

"Call Frequenty.
Drink Moderately,
Park Friendly
Pay Today, Trust Tomorrow." - Anonymous

"A glass in the hand's worth two on the shelf -
Tipple it down and refresh yourself!" - Anonymous

"'Tis hard to tell which is best,
Music, Food, Drink, or Rest." - Anonymous

All three of these may lighten the mood and make other laugh.

Anniversary Toasts

When you have an anniversary to celebrate, the right toast is important. Here are a couple good choices for any type of anniversary you are celebrating.

"But the greatest love-the love above all loves,
Even greater than that of a mother...
Is the tender, passionate, undying love,
Of one beer drunken slob for another." - From an Irish love ballad

"Come, sit we by the fireside
And roundly drink we hear,
Till that we see our cheeks all dyed
And noses tanned with beer." - Robert Herrick

Both will provide a touch of romance just perfect for the anniversary.

Wedding Toasts

Maybe the most popular time to choose a beer toast is for a wedding. Here are a few short and sweet choices for the wedding, rehearsal dinner or any other wedding event.

"Here's to the groom with bride so fair,
And here's to the bride with groom so rare!" - Anonymous

"Here's to the bride that is to be,
Here's to the groom she'll wed,
May all their troubles be light as bubbles
Or the feather that make up their bed!" - Anonymous

"Let us toast the health of the bride;
Let us toast the health of the groom;
Let us toast the person that tied;
Let us toast every guest in the room." - Anonymous

Use any of these toasts and you're sure to provide the right words for the occasion.

New Born Baby Toasts

Maybe you are celebrating a new life entering this world and you need a toast. Try these two choices.

"Here is the toast of the moon and star,
To the child ... who will soon be ours." - Anonymous

"Out of a love our child will grow ...
Great than light, deeper than dark,
All other love is but a spark." - Anonymous

All of these beer toasts are perfect for specific occasions. You can choose any of these or one of the many other toasts used for clinking glasses and celebrating a special occasion.

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