Which Low Calorie Dark Beers Actually Taste Great?

Low Calorie Dark BeersOne of the biggest myths in the beer world is the calorie count of a darker beer. You may go to a beer festival and ask for the lightest beer, and then give the guy pouring it a strange look because he gives you a stout to try. Dark beer is often lower in calories and alcohol than lighter colored beer.

If you're sick of drinking low calorie beers that taste like watered down lagers, you can switch to a lower calorie dark beer. Here are some of the top choices.

Murphy's Irish Stout

It may seem rich and full of calories, but a 12-ounce Murphy's Irish Stout comes in at just 144 calories. It's a lighter option compared to many of the other beers you will find out there and has only 45 calories more than any typical "light" beer.

Peak Organic Winter Session Ale

Not a super dark beer, but the perfect choice for the winter season, this Session Ale comes in at only 150 calories per serving. It's a warm and flavorful choice and it's brewed with only organic ingredients.

Stone Brewing Levitation Ale

A deep amber ale, this choice from Stone Brewing Company provides a good choice in the low calorie beer arena. It comes in with only a 4.4% ABV and keeps the calorie count at just 150.

Star Hill Brewery Dark Starr Stout

A beer with the perfect flavor for any stout lover, the Dark Starr Stout provides the best of both worlds. It's delicious and only cost you 126 calories from your daily calorie budget. Those really counting calories get to enjoy this excellent craft beer without issue.

Guinness Draught

Maybe the most popular beer served on St. Patrick's Day, Guinness Draught is also one of the lowest calorie dark beers you will find. It has 19 fewer calories than a Budweiser, 24 less than Heineken and only 27 more than a Corona Light. Guinness Draught comes in at 126 calories per 12 ounces and provides only 10 carbs, as well.

There are several delicious beers you can drink without feeling guilty. Instead of reaching for that watered down "light" beer, fill your beer boot with something dark and delicious.

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