Best Co-Ed Drinking Games for the Summer

drinking gamesSummertime is almost here, and it’s time to start planning out how you’re going to enjoy the summer of 2015. Maybe you want this to be the year that you ease up on work and get to the pool more. Maybe you want it to be the summer of more time at the lake. If your summer plans involve throwing more parties, it’s definitely a great way to spend the summer.

Drinking Games

Bonding with loved ones during summer barbeques or tiki hut parties are a great way to enjoy the weather and quality time. One great way to enjoy your parties is by enjoying some party games, especially ones designed to be co-ed. From horseshoes to washers, ladder golf to cornhole, here are the top drinking games for your co-ed summer gatherings.


Have you heard of Frisbeer? It’s another take on a Frisbee drinking game. This version is a blast and basically requires two poles placed on opposite sides of the lawn about 50 feet apart from one another. You’ll need two teams of two people and you and your partner will stand on the same side. Your goal is to throw the Frisbee and hit the pole.

When you do, the other team has to run to a side table with cups of beer on it, drink the beers, all while your team keeps throwing Frisbees back and forth to each other. Every time you hit the pole while the other team is drinking, you get another point and you can keep throwing until they finish their beers. When one team gets three points, the game is over.


Sometimes called “bags,” cornhole is the perfect summer game. It’s simple and easy to drink your beer with. Throw the bag into the hole of the board across from you and when you’ve thrown all of your bags, the other team gets to go. Decide what number you want to reach to win the game.

Ladder Golf

As long as you have the equipment to play ladder golf, it’s the perfect co-ed party game.


Horseshoes is the perfect summer game because any age can play. Throw your horseshoe to see can get the most on target. Try Polish Horseshoes for a modern take on the game.

If you still need need more ideas, try Bocce, Beer Die, Kanjam, Dizzy Bat and Washers.

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