Five Fun Beer Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

ideas for groomsmen giftsChoosing the right item for your groomsmen isn't an easy task. It seems as though everything has already been done, but what about a beer gift? If your groomsmen enjoy drinking beer, try one of these five beer related groomsmen gifts.

Engraved Beer Boot

ideas for groomsmen giftsEverybody owns beer glasses, but most don't have an engraved boot. This can be a very unique gift they would never think you'd get them. You can have words or images engraved on the boot to personalize it for the event or for each groomsman, as well.

The Beer Stein

Another good choice for groomsmen is personalized beer stein. Have it engraved with their name and the date of your wedding. This will give it the perfect touch and allow you to provide each groomsman with a gift they can enjoy.

ideas for groomsmen giftsOktoberfest Beer Mug

Have you ever drank out of an Oktoberfest beer mug? They are quite unique, but a pleasure to drink a good beer from. If you want to give a unique gift to your groomsmen, you can have 1 liter Oktoberfest beer mugs engraved for the occasion.

Party Beer Mug

For grooms on a tight budget, the engraved party beer mug may be the way to go. This gift allows you to engrave the badge with a name, date or anything you prefer. It provides a personalized gift perfect for your groomsmen without breaking the bank.

Monogram Beer Boots

Another choice for those on a budget is the 1/4 liter monogram beer boot. This beer boot provides a choice of letter with etching around the letter. It's smaller than the other choices, but provides a good choice for those not looking to spend more than about $20 per groomsmen.

There are many beer gifts you can choose for your groomsmen. An engraved gift with a bottle of a special beer may just be the perfect choice for all of your groomsmen to enjoy.

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