Great Groomsmen Gifts

Some of the typical groomsmen gifts are not the type that are considered naughty at all. However, if you and your guys enjoy something, such as cigar smoking, drinking alcohol or anything else a bit naughty, you may need a different gift. Here are a few great choices for this type of situation.

groomsmen giftsBeer Making Kit

If you and your guys all love drinking beer, maybe it's time to make some beer. You can get a beer making kit for each guy complete with everything to make a batch of beer. Many kids will provide instructions and help to educate the user about how to make beer.

Beer Boot Engraved Glassgroomsmen gifts

After you make the beer, you need something to drink it out of. What better than a beer boot glass with each guy's name engraved on it. This is a great way to enjoy your homemade beer or any other type of beer.

Barrel of Whiskey

If you want to go a bit naughtier, get your guys a barrel of whiskey with their initials on it. The barrels provide a great place to stash your favorite whiskey and pour a glass whenever you want. You can oak age your own whiskey, as well.

Humidor Full of Cigars

Maybe your guys love to smoke cigars. If some, a humidor with your favorite cigars may be the perfect gift. You can even personalize the humidor by adding an engraved plate to the top of it.

An Engraved Decanter

Wine drinkers may not appreciate a beer or whiskey gift, but they will love the engraved glass decanter. This is perfect for the men with a bit of sophistication. Wine is very popular and a decanter is a great way to get the most out of every bottle.

There are many naughty gifts you can give your groomsmen. If you and your guys love beer, whiskey or cigars, a gift fitting with one of those themes is best.

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