What is a Groomsman?

groomsman giftsWe all know what a groomsman is, but do we really know what they are supposed to do or how this position in the wedding came about? Here's a look at what a groomsman is supposed to do and where this concept came from.

Definition of a Groomsman

A groomsman is known as one of the male attendants of the groom during the wedding ceremony. Usually, this is a close friend or relative of the groom.

Duties of a Groomsman

Groomsmen have many duties and they can vary depending on the wedding. The most visible duty is often helping guests find their seat before the wedding begins.

Often, the groomsmen will assist the best man with the planning of the bachelor party. They may also help with gifts, luggage and other items after the reception. Traditionally, the groomsmen are responsible for decorating the car of the newlywed couple.

History of the Groomsman

A groomsman was a concept started in Europe many years ago. Originally, they were actually body guards for the bride. Their duties used to include helping the bride get through the groom's home with her dowry.

Groomsmen used to be called the bride's knights, as well. They were often friends of the groom and may even be used to kidnap the bride if the bride's parents were unwilling to give her away to the groom.

In some cases, the groomsmen would form a small army around the bride and groom to fend off any angry family members not in favor of the marriage. This allowed the groom and bride to escape together.

Today, the role of groomsmen is not the same as it was many years ago. However, they still play an important role in the wedding. Groomsmen are part of the support system for both the groom and the bride. Often, the bride and groom will give out groomsmen gifts in appreciation for the help provided.

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