Groomsmen Gifts: How Much to Spend?

Boot of BeerDeciding who is going to be you groomsmen may seem like the easy part. However, figuring out how much to spend on each groomsmen gift and what to get them, may not be so easy. There really isn't a cut and dry answer to this question.

Your Budget

The answer to how much you should spend on each groomsmen gift is usually found in your own budget. You will have some constrains as you will be spending money in many other places. The groomsmen gift budget may become an area that gets trimmed a bit.

The Gift

The amount you spend will also depend on the gift you plan to get each groomsman. The best thing you can do is spend the day with them and have a guys day of hanging out. However, there is usually a gift involved, as well.

The Average

Most grooms spend between $30 and $40 per groomsman. When you look at the numbers, they tend to be a bit close to $40 with just three groomsmen and a bit closer to about $30 if there are five. On average, grooms spend between $120 and $170 for the groomsmen gifts, altogether.

Guidelines to Follow

The major guideline you will follow is the budget you have set for the wedding. You may not spend as much as another groom, if you're paying for the entire wedding. However, if you are getting help, you may spend more.

Another guideline you can use is to spend between 10% and 25% of what the groomsmen have to spend for their tux and other items for the wedding. This provides a good rule of thumb to follow if you're not sure how much to spend on each groomsman gift.

There is no specific amount you should spend and the gift should not be all about the money. Choose something you know they will like and will use. This will take cost out of the equation and nobody will be disappointed.

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