How to serve the fastest pint of beer: From the bottom up

how to serve the fastest pint of beerThose desperate for a pint won’t have to wait as long at the bar, if a company from Washington has its way.

GrinOn Industries claims their latest gadget can fill beer glasses with your favourite brew at world-record speed, serving 56 pints in one minute by filling them from the bottom up.

The Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System works by filling your pint through a hole at the bottom of the glass. Once poured, a magnet slips over the base of the beer glass, protecting your pants from your brew.

Though the product is available only for commercial use, a home version will hit the market in 2013, the company’s website promises.

The system debuted at Monday’s Flyers vs. Canadiens home game. While the Habs lost 5-2, at least their fans didn’t have to wait as long to drown their sorrows.


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