Mad Dogs British Pub to open Yard Ale Glass Bar in Austin

mad dog british pub signSan Antonio-based Mad Dogs British Pub is planning to open three locations in Austin, and are specifically looking in four places in the market.

“Austin is such a natural expansion for us,” said Terry Corless, a native of Cambridge, England and the company’s CEO. “Many of our customers in San Antonio are either transplants or visitors from Austin. We’re constantly asked when we’re going to open here.”

Corless and his partner, COO Justin Bentley-Marchant, have identified four areas of Austin where they believe the concept will be most successful, including Lakeway, The Meadows, Sixth Street and Round Rock.

Based in San Antonio, Mad Dogs is targeting development in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio first and aims to open 20 pubs by mid-2015. Its franchise program was launched in 2010. In addition to expansion in Texas, the brand is also eyeing expansion in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee.

Mad Dogs British Pub opened on San Antonio’s Riverwalk in 1995 putting a playful twist on English pub culture, with its staff donning kilts and Union Jack dresses while serving beer to patrons in Yard Glasses .

“Everyone at Mad Dogs British Pub couldn’t be more excited about the timing of our launch into franchising in the U.S.,” Corless said. “Sites and locations are available that would never normally hit the market, landlords are doing some incredible deals and the market is gradually moving out of the doldrums. If you partner a great concept with a motivated entrepreneur, anything can happen.”

Open for both lunch and dinner, Mad Dogs stays open late into the night, with live, weekly entertainment ranging from live bands and karaoke to DJs and monthly theme parties. Sporting events also take center stage on the pub’s 16 high-definition television screens. Guests can enjoy a lunch time meal for an average ticket price of $13 per person while dinner averages at $18 per person.

Corless said that Mad Dogs caters to a range of clientele, with the bulk of evening business targeting 21 to 45-year-olds.

The menu’s signature entrée includes fish n’ chips served on the pub’s own printed newspaper dated December 7, 1941—the day the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. British-inspired staples such as cottage pie and bangers and mash are also featured, alongside its famous “Yard of Ale Glasses” menu.

In addition to the traditional décor of telephone boxes, cricket gear and bag pipes, guests can purchase kilts, yards and sporrans, which are traditional kilt purses. Guests can also participate with the pub’s Magic Malay Money Legend by signing dollar bills and pinning them to the walls for good luck.

“We are an authentic, British icon of a franchise that is owned, developed and supported by real Brits,” Corless said. “With multiple streams of revenue in place, we are excited to bring on board franchisees who are equally as enthusiastic about our vision for introducing the English pub concept to other U.S. cities and putting our unique, fun-loving twist on it.”

Source: Austin Business Journal

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