The March Madness Drinking Game

March madness drinking gameIt’s that time of year again; the weather is fine, the sun is shining… but more importantly, basketball is on TV! March Madness is all about the games – those on TV and those you're playing in your living room while watching the games.

Yes, we're talking drinking games – our March Madness drinking game, to be precise. Not sure how to incorporate your favorite beer into your NCAA viewing pleasure? We've got you covered.

March Madness Drinking Game:

What you need: Multiple TVs, laptops, tablets – basically any and all devices on which you can watch multiple games (we recommend one huge screen for the main event). You’ll also need lots of beer and one of those over-the-door basketball hoops.

How to set it up: Set up your displays around the room (a big room is perfect for this). You’ll need more displays earlier in the tournament, since fewer games will play concurrently later on. Also important: make sure everyone has filled out a bracket! Collect these to keep your drunk friends from cheating! Fill out a large group bracket listing all games. Before each game starts, take bets for and against each playing team.

When you drink: After each player has made their bets, it’s time to drink! Participants will drink up each time the team they bet against scores a three-pointer. They'll also take a drink for every foul against your team, every awesome move by the other team (as determined by the “referee”) and, if you need more reasons to drink (and who doesn’t?) for a predetermined number of points the other team scores.

When to play ball: Remember that over-the-door basketball hoop you set up? Well, it’s time to use it! Bonus points and tie breakers will be determined over the basketball hoop. This gets pretty entertaining as you start drinking more and more.

Ready to get mad this March? We'll drink to your fun! Have fun with our March Madness drinking game!

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