Obama Chooses Bud Light

obama chooses bud lightI know that there are customs and traditions that people believe need to be adhered to in strict order, but choosing Bud Light as the official mediation beer of the Obama Racism White House summit was probably not a wise choice. Why, with literally thousands of breweries in the world, and several great domestic microbrews in our own back yard, why chose the most watered-down flavorless beer sold on the supermarket shelves?

Common Ground.

Sure people would pass him off as a beer snob if he had chosen a nice Doppelbock, a microbrew IPA for the summer or maybe even a Sam Adams, but no one would scoff him from drinking the piss that the masses chug down. Just my opinion, but Bud Light belongs in Beer Pong and nothing else.

As commentator on the Daily Show with John Steward rightly said: "Obama, you don't solve racist incidents with a beer. Drinking beer is how racist incidents get started."

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