Should you Pamper your Groomsmen?

Groomsmen giftsYou have already gone through the process of picking your groomsmen and you even have the perfect personalize beer boot gift for each of them. However, you still haven't decided if you should pamper your groomsmen the night before the wedding. Here are some of the reasons why groomsmen love pampering just as much as bridesmaids.

A Barber Shop Might Fit the Bill

Your groomsmen may not be all about going to some five-star luxury salon or spa, but a barber shop might be the perfect way to treat them. Not only will they get to enjoy a little pampering as they relax for a haircut and shave, but they will also get to be in a guy's place. This may just be the answer to pampering your groomsmen.

Take it a Step Further

If you want to really pamper your groomsmen, taking them to a place for a nice massage might do the trick. The wedding day is going to be stressful for the bride, groom and everybody involved. If you start with a massage the day before, your guys may just be relaxed and ready to help you with the stress.

Suck it Up and Get a Mani Pedi

Guys never want to think about the term "Mani Pedi," but it's actually a great way to relax. Of course, your guys won't be leaving with French tips, but getting a nice hand massage, foot massage and everything cleaned up may just be the perfect way to relax.

Many nail salons provide special treatments just for men. Plus, while you're relaxing in the massage chair, just think about the ladies that will be swooning over your single groomsmen as they are pampered.

There are several ways to pamper your groomsmen. Just remember: if you go a bit too far, you can always make it manlier with a guys' cigar and beer night after the rehearsal dinner. This will also provide the perfect opportunity to give those new beer boot glasses a try.

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