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Drinking in the office is back. We're not one to follow trends, in fact we try to defy conventional notions with our company. But it seems the masses are learning and catching onto to our secret. According to a recent Forbes article, Bay Area companies such as Yelp and Twitter are very much pro-alcohol in the workplace.

Having worked for several startups myself, I think it allows a certain amount of stress relief, office cheer, relaxed atmosphere and room for creativity. In US startups, they often keep a fridge full of beer (normally Sam Adams or some other upper class domestic beer, rarely imports - they have to watch the budget). I have worked in an Austrian company where we had daily shots of the CEO's home made schnapps and Fridays meant wine time. We'd enjoy a few bottles of Grüner Veltliner or Eiswein to round off our early departure. European companies have always been more progressive with this subject compared to their more conservative North American counterparts. I had a professor in Germany who told me that he worked his way up to senior management starting as a intern whose sole job was to fetch the daily cases of beer. Most German factory workers include a provision for two free beers per day in their contract. Drinking during lunch time used to be widely accepted, however after many long haired Germans in the 80s got their pony tails caught in the assembly lines, it's become prohibited in some places.

Luckily the trend has been transplanted across the Atlantic and others have been catching on. We love beer and we enjoy it in and outside of the office. We have beer at lunch sometimes, or around 4:30 we have a nice refresher to make the rest of the afternoon more enjoyable. Sometimes I'm so tired of staring at the computer screen, I call everyone out of the office and we go drinking at the local watering hole. We go on monthly boat trips island hopping and bring the inflatable porto-pong tables to play beer pong on the beach or in the pool. I couldn't imagine going back to a work environment that didn't appreciate "God's proof that he loves us and wants us to be happy".

We encourage product testing in the office and we're working on a space for the new kegerator to try out some of our home-brews. Many business gurus proclaim the benefits of increased productivity and team building. Productivity is always higher with alcohol, unless you're sweating off that hangover trying to sort through computer code. And there's nothing quite more bonding then holding you're coworker's hair back while she's hugging the toilet. Let's be honest; there is more to life than work itself. If you're not enjoying what you're doing, you shouldn't be doing it.

If this article is dragging on, it may be the Jack Daniel's and Drafts from lunch. Maybe you should talk to your boss about changing your company's alcohol policy.


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