The History of The Groomsmen

The History of The GroomsmenDo you ever wonder why the groom at the wedding stands on the right? Just trying to picture it the other way around is hard to do and doesn't really fit with the regular image of a wedding.

The groom stands on the right not by accident or just because. This is done for a specific reason.

The History of The Groomsmen

Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon for people to object to the union between a man or woman. They may object for a number of reasons from money and power to actually loving the bride. Regardless of the reason, other men may try to capture the bride and the groom may actually end up fighting for her.

The groom stood on the right because he needed to be able to defend her. This allowed the groom to easily get to his sword while holding the bride off with his left hand. Yes, he had to fight off the competition with an actual sword!

This tradition continues today, minus the sword and the many objections to the marriage. However, many brides and grooms probably have no idea why the groom stands on the right.

Arm Your Groomsmen

Another small history lesson, the groomsmen used to be armed, as well. They were the army for the bride and groom, if they needed to escape.

You may not be interested in arming your groomsmen with swords, but you can arm them with beer boot glasses personally engraved for each of them. These beer glasses are fun and they make the perfect gift for any groomsmen.

If you want to put a smile on their face and reward them for being there just in case they have to fight for your bride with you, a beer boot glass is an excellent choice.

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