Russell Township serves beer for first time since Prohibition

fridge full of beer with hot girlCongratulations, residents of Russell Township, you can now buy beer in your humble little locale. Welcome to America. Prohibition washed away legal liquor sales in 1920, and until this week, Russell Township stayed that way — dry. Bone dry. Why? Who knows. Communities were allowed to decide for themselves whether to sell libations after Prohibition's repeal in 1933, and for some reason, Russell Township opted for the no-fun option and remained anachronistic into the 21st century because they believed alcohol would bring floozies and backroom gambling and undesirables to their quaint township. Or something like that. There's really no justification that doesn't make them seem like anything but a cranky 90-year-old grandmother. The Plain Dealer reports from the Circle K, which is the only store in town that will be selling booze. Those who opposed the change declined to identify themselves outside the store this week but said that since alcohol is available nearby, there is no need to have it in their back yard. They worried about underage drinking and noted that a Circle K probably won't carry wines they prefer. Martha Bryan said she voted to allow the sales. "You go five miles in any direction to get it anyways, so why not keep the money in Russell?" she said. Resident Nick Farina also said he voted for the change. "It's stupid to have to drive to Chesterland or Bainbridge or Newbury to buy a beer," he said. "It's legal, so it just kind of makes sense. Why not run to the corner store instead of making a trip out of it?" Thankfully that 90-year-old grandmother of a city is now wet.

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