States with the Best Craft Beer

beer bootsIt's no secret, the craft beer scene has exploded all across the United States. With more home brewers perfecting their craft and opening breweries, there's more great-tasting beer available than ever before. Here's a look at a few of the state producing great craft beer, which might surprise you.


Arizona may seem like a place to drink quite a bit of cold beer with the hot summer, but the boom of craft breweries hasn't been as big here. Even though the growth of the industry hasn't been much over the past decade, the state has recently seen a surge with more than 45 craft breweries active, up from 35 in 2011.

Newcomer to the scene, Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company, opened just a couple of years ago and has made a splash. They have been named the "best new brewery in the world" by RateBeer and provide a few very delicious choices for beer lovers to enjoy.

New York

The state of New York gets overlooked when it comes to craft beer. However, the state is home to a few of the finest breweries you will find including the Southern Tier Brewing Company. New York is also home to Six Point Brewery, which produces the tasty Resin beer.


Another very overlooked state for craft beer is Kansas. With some of the strictest alcohol laws, it seems a bit more difficult to brew in the state than in other areas. However Tallgrass Brewing Company has made a splash and they provide some of the finest craft beer you will find in Kansas.


Maybe not quite as surprising as some of the others, Georgia is home to a few very fine breweries. Terrapin Beer Company and Sweetwater Brewery are two of the best known choices and they both provide excellent brews. Even though the state doesn't have a large number of craft breweries, those found in Georgia are quite impressive.

All of these states have excellent breweries creating great beer. Even though they may not have seen the surge in the craft beer scene as some of the other states, the quality is certainly there.

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