Beer Boot Photo Contest Entries

We would like to thank everyone who sent their funny and amazing beer beer boot/beer mug pictures. We'd like to share to everyone some of the entries.

If you are in one of these photos and  believe the above comments to be an abomination, please send your request for us to use MS Paint and cut out your head or change the quote to something funnier. Cheers!

Baby Beer and Mama Beer

John Dorean is not only a doctor - but also a drinker. 2nd Guy from Left - First Row..


Synchronized drinking is also a sport. Just not an Olympic one yet.
Oh, yeah!
What's this all aboot?
♪♪♪ "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you. I know you were right believing for so long ♪♪♪
Conquered like a champ.
And they lived happily ebeer after.
Twilight 5?
A healthy long-lasting relationship is built upon having common hobbies you like to share together. Like drinking.
Guy at the Beer Store "Are you sure you're 21?"
Men in Black.
Commence Inebriation in 3, 2, 1.
We're not drunk yet. We're just gettin' started.
6 boots x 3 liters = 18L - that's enough to kill a medium sized animal.
Game Over.
I've got boots bitches!
Moriagari mashou (Let's party)!
Yopparai mashou (Let's get drunk)!
Drinking and saving lives.
My precious.
Buyers remorse? or Cold feet?
If only I could find a way to get alcohol and nicotine in my mouth at the same time.
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