When is the Appropriate Time to Give Groomsmen Gifts?

groomsmen gift ideasThere are a number of great groomsmen gift ideas, but once you have the gifts, how do you know when to give them out? You have several opportunities to give the gifts. Here are some of the appropriate times to give out your groomsmen gifts.

The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is the most common time to give out your groomsmen gifts. Many couples give out all of their gifts at this dinner since it's usually the night before the wedding. This is also the best time because you actually get time alone with a smaller group of people.

Wedding Shower

Some couples have a couple's shower or a man shower for the wedding. If this is the case, you can use this time to give out the groomsmen gifts.

Bachelor Party

Probably the second-most common time to give out the groomsmen gifts is at the bachelor party. This is your alone time with your guys and it's a great time to give out beer boots, flasks, cigar cutters and other gifts of this sort. Plus, if you give out beer boots, you can get some cool pictures of everybody using them at the bachelor party.

Wedding Reception

It's not always the best time to give out gifts, but a personalized beer boot can be given at a wedding reception. Instead of a name card, you can use the glass to mark the spot of each groomsman at your reception.

You want to avoid giving anything that needs to be opened at the wedding reception. This will take time away from the other traditional things you might be doing at the reception.

There isn't a set time to give out groomsmen gifts, but the most common time is the rehearsal dinner. However, you can use your own discretion to give out the gifts whenever you feel its right.

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