Top 5 Gifts for Men This Christmas

glass shaped like a bootMen are not always easy to shop for and Christmas is right around the corner. If you haven't found the perfect gift for him yet, here are five great choices to consider.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

Maybe your guy has a well-groomed beard and would like to keep it that way. If so, the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer is a great choice for Christmas. It provides 18 different length settings and even has a built-in vacuum to keep the sink clean.

Personalized Beer Boot Glass

Does your guy love drinking beer? Maybe he would enjoy a personalized beer boot glass with his name, military emblem or another type of personalization. There's nothing quite like drinking a delicious beer out of a glass shaped like a boot. Not only will you be giving a practical gift he will use, but you will also be giving something unique nobody else will think to give him.

MEAT: Everything You Need To Know

If you have a guy you need to buy for and he loves to cook meat, this cookbook is the perfect choice. It contains all types of recipes for beef, lamb, poultry, pork and veal. Pair this with the beer boot glass and he can drink a beer while cooking delicious meat.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

An interesting gift idea perfect for the whiskey drinker, this drinking accessory works as a gift or a stocking stuffer. It's designed to keep the spirit cold without watering it down. The wedge will fit perfectly into an old fashioned cocktail glass.

Leatherback Writer 3

A classy gift perfect for the guy needing to keep track of things, this leatherback writer provides room for a notebook, pencil, credit cards, smartphone and cash. It's the perfect gift for the guy on the go.

All five of these gifts would make most men very happy. Choose the best one from the list or get all five and surprise your guy with a great Christmas this year.

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