Top Beer Commercials of All Time

If you like to drink beer (and that should be a given if you’re on this site), you no doubt appreciate good beer commercials. Maybe it’s because beer encourages partying or silly behavior, or maybe it’s just because beer companies have all kinds of money; whatever the reason, they tend to make some rockin’ commercials (just watch the Super Bowl if you don’t believe us). Here are our all-time favorite beer commercials:

Old-school PBR

Before anyone ever heard of Pabst Blue Ribbon (or Patrick Swayze), both were featured on one totally stellar beer commercial. In 1979, a PBR commercial features Patrick Swayze (pre-Dirty Dancing) grooving with the cool kids. PBR back then was just a small Milwaukee beer company. Props to that!

“Interesting” Dos Equis

You don’t even have to drink beer to recognize the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” These Dos Equis commercials are brilliant. So brilliant that the “I don’t always….” meme has become recognized on social media the world over.

The Champagne of Beers

Not happy with just a commercial? How about a whole series? “The High Life Man” commercials debuted from 1998 to 2005 – and they’re worth re-watching if it’s been a while. After all, these were directed by a legendary documentary filmmaker. Can’t beat that.

Red Stripe’s Island Wisdom

Who couldn't use a little island wisdom now and then? Red Stripe’s Ambassador gives some great words of wisdom in these pretty unforgettable commercials. Of course, they'll leave you craving a beer on the beach, but that’s pretty standard, right?

Budweiser’s Clydesdales

No list of great beer commercials could be complete without a toast to Budweiser’s team of clydesdales. A throwback to the 1930s, these commercials, which actually began in 1986 have fluctuated from vintage to heartrending. Even if you hate the beer, you can’t help but love those horses.

You heard ours. What’s your favorite beer commercial?


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