What To Eat Before You Go Drinking?

TGIF and you already have plans on going to your favorite bar with your friends tonight. Well, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be drunk just after a few shots of tequila or get so drunk so fast that you wouldn’t have a clue what you’re doing. You might have drunk dialed your ex girlfriends and have some deep, meaningful conversations or molested a blow up doll or jump off a first floor balcony, etc., etc.

We can avoid those things from happening if we have just followed the simple rule of drinking which is to, “ALWAYS FILL UP ON FOOD BEFORE FILLING UP ON ALCOHOL”.

Drinking with an empty stomach is a big no-no because it will lead to drunkenness more quickly. Start your night off right by simply eating the right food or by filling up your tummy. I assure you, there will be more drinking and less hurling!

So, what to eat before you go drinking? As a matter of fact, there are three types of food for you to choose from, these are fatty foods, foods rich in carb, and fruits. All of these have the same function which is to help in slowing down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and helps protect irritation and puking. In other words, soberocity minus the morning-after-death-wish!



Yes, fatty/greasy foods. I know those who are health conscious and are on a diet are now scowling. No worries, you can always go for foods that are rich in carbohydrate. Always keep in mind that eating fatty/greasy foods will slow down the absorption rate of the alcohol into your system. There are a lot of fatty/greasy foods to choose from such as pizza, burger, and fries.



Foods that are rich in carbohydrate are also good for you especially before you start drinking. Bread, spaghetti, bagel, white bread, pizza, and burger are just a few of the so many choices that you can stuff yourself with. These foods actually help in absorbing alcohol in your stomach.



Fruits! Yes, they are good source of vitamins and minerals and they are high in potassium thus, helps in maintaining proper balance of body fluids which you will need for a night of partying. Fruits also help in preventing you from dehydration and in absorbing alcohol in your tummy.

To sum everything up, it really doesn’t matter what food you are going to eat. Whatever it is that you stuff yourself with before drinking is already enough to help you stay sober and keep a hangover at bay. Again, fill up on food first!

- Apple

2 thoughts on “What To Eat Before You Go Drinking?”

  • gilbert

    what if your not worried about a hangover at all, you just want to make sure you won't throw up from drinking???

    what can you eat, that will allow you to get drunk at your regular speed, and not throw up all night???

  • John

    Eat a good amount of Cheez-it, (original), crackers.

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