Which Winter Beers Top the List for 2015?

winter beersIf you've been to your favorite beer store lately, you may have noticed some of the winter beers hitting the shelves. There are several good choices and this is certainly the time of year to enjoy something nutty, dark and robust. Here are some of the top winter beers to enjoy out of a boot beer glass for 2015.

New Belgium Accumulation

A bit of a different type of winter beer, this one from the New Belgium Brewing Company is an IPA. It provides a bit of a kick and it's perfect for the colder months. If you prefer something darker, try their 1554.

Samuel Smith Winter Welcome

An English style beer with a festive flavor, the Winter Welcome has an amber color. It's perfect for the holidays and provides something light enough for everybody to drink, yet flavorful enough for the picky beer drinker.

Great Divide Hibernation Ale

A dark ale and winner of many awards, the Hibernation Ale from Great Divide comes with an ABV of 8.7%. This one will not only take good going down, but it will also make you feel good. It's somewhere between a Scotch ale and an imperial brown.

Leinenkugel's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter

A flavorful choice with a hint of vanilla, the Snowdrift Vanilla Porter from Leinekugel is a great choice for your winter beer. You can find this porter by itself or as a part of one of the winter variety packs.

New Holland Cabin Fever

An appropriate name as this brown ale will make you want to stay in and enjoy it all day. It has a roasty flavor with hinds of coffee.

There are several great winter beers to enjoy. Make sure you pick up your favorites and enjoy them before the winter beer season turns to the spring beer season.

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