Yuengling - America's Oldest Brewery

yuengling brewery old pictureWhen Yuengling first entered the Tennessee market in 2007, many had never heard of the brand. To some, it was the beer with the funny name. In truth, Yuengling, located in Pottsville, Penn., is the oldest continually operating brewery in the United States.

David G. Yuengling founded the Eagle Brewery in 1829 but changed the name in 1873 to D.G. Yuengling and Son after Fredrick joined his father as a partner. Still a family-owned company, the sixth generation is now learning the business from the bottom up, and they believe in tradition, continuing to brew beers such as Lord Chesterfield Ale, a hoppy brew first crafted the year the brewery was founded.

Surviving Prohibition by by brewing near beers and opening a dairy, Yuengling celebrated the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1933 by brewing Winner Beer and shipping a truckload to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Traditional Lager, noted for its rich amber color and subtle sweetness and now the company's flagship brand, came along in 1978.

In addition to Lord Chesterfield Ale and Traditional Lager, Yuengling today brews Premium, Light, Light Lager, Dark Brewed Porter and Black & Tan. With the acquisition of a second Pottsville property and the former Stroh Brewery in Tampa, Fla., beer production now exceeds 1.2 million barrels per year, a significant number for a brewery still in control of the founding family.

Now in their 180th year of production, Richard "Dick" Yuengling, Jr., fifth-generation owner and current company president, has set high goals for the company's future: exceeding annual production of 2 million barrels and expanding their market beyond the current 13 states, ranging from New York to Florida.

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