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1 Liter Oktoberfest Beer Mug

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These are the very same beer mugs they use at Oktoberfest! Yup, the same ones you wave in the sky, spilling all over yourself while singing and dancing to Bavarian music having the best time of your life.

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Our 1 liter dimpled beer mugs (Maßkrug in German) are made from extremely heavy glass, durable enough to take a beating from 6 million drunk visitors year after year. These are an absolute must for a beer lover's personal collection, and make the perfect addition to beer events, beer pong tournaments, restaurants, and bars. We also offer Beer Mug 12 packs and more!

Maßkrugs (pronounced Mass kroogs) are extremely popular Oktoberfest souvenirs. But don't get caught trying to steal one there! Police catch over 200,000 people trying to steal them each year, and the thieves are usually fined up to €50.

Each of these Maßkrug's holds 1 full liter of beer (about 3 bottles of beer) and are guaranteed to get the job done in style. Prosit!


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