Custom Logos/Decals

BeerFestBoots offers Custom Color Logos on our Beer Boots, Octoberfest Beer Mugs and Beer Babe.

Product Color Logo
Logo Size (WxH)
Quantity = 100
Up to 3 Color Logos
excluding shipping
1/2L Beer Boot (Mouthblown-RT) SIDE 2.5" X 2.0" $19.80 each
1L Beer Boot (Mouthbown-RT) SIDE 3.2" X 2.7" $22.05 each
1L Beer Boot (Machine Pressed-RT) FRONT or SIDE 3.2" X 2.7" $28.80 each
2L Beer Boot (Mouthblown-RT) SIDE 3.5" X 3.0" $25.50 each
3L Beer Boot (Mouthblown-PT) FRONT 3.5" X 3.0" $54.00 each
1/2L Octoberfest Mug FRONT 2.0" X 2.5" $22.50 each
1L Octoberfest Mug FRONT 2.0" X 2.0" $25.20 each

Minimum Order Quantity is 100 pieces (We accept 50 piece orders with higher prices and a Set Up Fee). Please email your drawing to for pricing with your logo and shipping costs to your location

For the initial order please allow 4-5 weeks delivery (most of this time is needed for printing of the logo). Subsequent Orders usually ships in 10 working days