Custom Logos/Decals

BeerFestBoots offers Custom Color Logos on our Beer Boots, Octoberfest Beer Mugs and Beer Babe.

Product Color Logo
Logo Size (WxH)
Quantity = 50
Up to 3 Color Logos
excluding shipping
1/2L Beer Boot (Mouthblown-RT) SIDE 2.5" X 2.0" $19.80 each
1L Beer Boot (Mouthbown-RT) SIDE 3.2" X 2.7" $22.05 each
1L Beer Boot (Machine Pressed-RT) FRONT or SIDE 3.2" X 2.7" $28.80 each
2L Beer Boot (Mouthblown-RT) SIDE 3.5" X 3.0" $25.50 each
3L Beer Boot (Mouthblown-PT) FRONT 3.5" X 3.0" $54.00 each
1/2L Octoberfest Mug FRONT 2.0" X 2.5" $22.50 each
1L Octoberfest Mug FRONT 2.0" X 2.0" $25.20 each

Minimum Order Quantity is 50 pieces (Price breaks for higher quantities). Please email your drawing to for pricing with your logo and shipping costs to your location

For the initial order please allow 4-5 weeks delivery (most of this time is needed for printing of the logo). Subsequent Orders usually ships in 10 working days