Our Engraving Process

A lot of love goes in to each and every boot we engrave.

The process works like this:

  1. Your order is received by our graphic artist, who creates a custom mask in the font you choose.
  2. The order is then proofed for accuracy and taken to our development room.
  3. The velum paper is then developed under a special light.
  4. The velum mask is separated and carefully applied to the boot. The remaining top portion of the boot is taped to protect it throughout the rest of the process.
  5. Our own Vana White demonstrates the Engravoblaster 5000.
  6. The velum area is finely sandblasted, leaving a smooth, clear etch. This process is significantly clearer and better than cheap laser engraving, which blisters class and causes rough fragments in the surface.
  7. A close-up of the actual engraving
  8. Watch the video below

  9. After the sandblasting process is complete, each boot is taken for a bath where the protective masking tape, and velum is removed, leaving only your engraved text. They are thoroughly cleaned and safely packaged. Below, a batch of boots ready to be shipped.