Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Beer Boots

a. Where do beer boots come from?

Well, when two beer boots are in love...Seriously though, beer boots originated in Germany and have been made there ever since. In fact, both Germany & Austria are known for the highest quality beer boots in the world. As the popularity of beer boots has grown astronomically over the past several years, several glass companies expanded production and have begun manufacturing beer boots in other European countries like Poland, as well as in China. The majority of the European boots are machine made where as the Chinese boots are mouth blown(into a mould) and lower priced than the European boots. Both European and Chinese beer boots are extremely popular, so whatever your choice, you should be more than satisfied with your beer boots, and blown away by their size, look, and feel.

b. How are beer boots made?

Beer boots are either mouth blown(into a mould) by artisan glassblowers or machine made.

c. Machine pressed versus Mouthblown(Mouldblown)

Both machine pressed and mouthblown boots have seams that usually runs down the front and back. However the seams on the machine pressed boots are not as pronounced as the mouthblown ones. Machine pressed boots tend to be more consistent as they are produced in very large volumes(automated machine productions). The mouthblown ones are actually mould-blown and are less consistent than machine made boots.

d. How do I drink from a beer boot?

The boot shape of the beer glass makes drinking a challenge. As you drink down the beer and tilt the boot backwards at an angle, an air pocket fills in the toe and has to be cautiously released. The trick to drinking from the boot is to hold the boot so that the toe is pointed either to your left or right, preventing an air bubble from building up in the toe. Others prefer to turn the boot right before the air bubble comes.

The trick is to slowly turn the beer boot as you reach that last bit of beer in the toe, thereby avoiding pressure build up and the unexpected, embarrassing beer shower that results.

e. What is the history of beer boots?

Beer boots have over a century of history and culture behind them. It is commonly believed that a Prussian general promised his troops to drink beer from his boot if they were successful in battle. When the troops prevailed, the general had a glass maker fashion a boot from glass to fulfill his promise without tasting his own feet and to avoid spoiling the beer in his leather boot. Another tradition holds that during the first World War German soldiers began passing around a leather boot filled with beer, as they were lacking glasses. It became a symbol for good luck,as the soldiers would flick the boot before drinking it for good luck, and flick it again after drinking to wish the next soldier good luck.

Since then, soldiers have enjoyed toasting to their victories with a beer boot. At gatherings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, beer boots are often passed among the guests for a festive drinking challenge. Since the movie 'Beerfest' appeared in 2006, beer boots have become increasingly popular in the United States. Originally most commonly seen in the German Restaurant and Bier Garten (Beer Garden) scene in the US, they have become a party essential at college campuses across the nation and are commonly used in beer pong leagues.

f. Can I personalize my beer glass?

Yes! BeerFestBoots can custom engrave your beer boot, Oktoberfest mug, or other beer glasses. In fact, this is our specialty. We regularly custom engrave beer boots for groomsmen gifts, birthday gifts, sports teams, Oktoberfests & beer festivals, bars & restaurants, corporate gifts & employee awards, and much more.

We also offer custom logos(decals).

2. Shipping, Delivery, and Order Tracking

a. How long does it take to get my order?

For non-engraved items, we generally ship within 3 business days if the item is in our inventory. Custom engraved orders take around 7-10 business days to ship because of an in-depth 4 stage hand engraving method (text/art production, laser masking, deep sandblasting, and polishing). Once your order ships, your order should arrive within five business days if the shipment is domestic, and around 7-14 days for international shipment.

b. Is rush shipping available?

Yes, rush orders can be accommodated in most cases. There is a $25 Rush Fee for engraving orders that require shipment within 5 business days. Normal rush shipping carrier costs will be applied if your order receipt deadline requires expedited shipping.

c. Where do you ship from?

We ship from our facility in North Carolina.

d. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We regularly ship orders all over the world! You can place an order directly on the website. Simply select USPS as the delivery option and you can see the estimated shipping cost.

e. How long does it take for international shipments to arrive?

Once your order ships, your order should arrive within 7-14 days. In some cases, the receiving country's customs agency may delay delivery of your package for routine inspection. This is not a regular occurrence but has been known to happen.

e. Why is the shipping charges so high compared to the items price?

Beer Boots especially the 1L, 2L and 3L ones are large items and the shipping charge from our carrier (Fed Ex ) often end up being high when compared to the price of the item you are buying - particularly for order quantities of 1-3. (They use “dimensional weight” charges). When you order more than 3 items, the shipping cost tends to be much better as it gets spread over more than 1 item.

3. Custom Engraved Orders

a. How long does custom engraving take?

Custom engraved orders take around 7-10 business days to ship.

b. How do you guys engrave?

Our engravers have over 20 years of experience engraving fine glassware for wedding gifts, corporate gifts, and more. We employ a 4 stage hand engraving method (text/art production, laser masking, deep sandblasting, and polishing).

  1. Text/Art production

    - It’s EASY to engrave your message or logo on our beautiful glassware!

    Our order page allows you to enter text and or upload image, choose a font, etc.

  2. Photomasking

    Apply Design to Film - We use our design software to print your artwork onto a high quality film print.

    Expose your Design - Next we expose your artwork on the film print to a photoresist film (vellum) using a UV light source on our nifty machines. The film print blocks the exact outline of your art, protecting it from UV light, however the parts that were exposed to the UV light will harden.

    Pressurized Wash - Then we wash out the photoresist film using highly pressurized water. That makes the areas wash away that were not exposed. What’s left is a perfect photomask stencil of your custom design.

    Apply Your Design - This part also takes precision. We take your photomask stencil and apply it to the exact positioning on the glass that you ask for. Deep Sandblasting

    Next you’ll see us suit up with our mask and gloves. Safety first! Then we’ll take each of your glasses with the photomasked stencil, hold them in our equipment, and begin spraying over every millimeter of the stencil until the sand evenly carves out your entire design until its perfect. The result is a deeper and far more visually appealing engraving solution than anything on the market. Side by side with laser engraving, there is no comparison. You’ll love it. Guaranteed.

  3. Polishing

    You don’t think we’d just send you a glass covered in stencil-masking and glass dust, right? Nope. We take pride in our work. Every glass is washed, polished, and made beautiful before we pack it up nicely and send it off to you. That’s why people always say NICE! when then open the box.

c. How long can my engraving text be?

Our order page will tell you the number of lines and characters for each boot type.

We are able to accommodate some flexibility in the character limit, however it is important to understand that the engraving area on glasses is limited. Given the limited engraving space, it is recommended that fewer characters are used in order to make the engraving text larger and more legible. No matter what your engraving is, rest assured knowing our engravers work wonders and do an excellent job of creating beautiful and crisp engraving, making a personal impact every time.

d. What kind of fonts can I use on my order?

Please select the appropriate font from the drop down list on the respective order page.

e. How large is the engraving text?

Our engravers will select the optimal size fonts and spacing for each beer boot / beer glass size. Generally we choose the largest size characters for the space available.

f. Is cursing allowed in my engraving?

Hell no! While we do have an appreciation for colorful language and humor, we respect the wishes of our wonderful engraving team and will not fulfill orders containing curse words. Please refrain from using curse words in your engraving requests.

It's easy! Simply add the engraving text to the product you want and add it to the cart like normal. Then find the next product you would like, add the engraving text, and add it to the cart. Repeat this process for all the items you would like, and proceed to checkout.

h. Can I put my color logo on the beer glasses?

Yes We can.

We can produce glassware with your logo with multiple colors. We only produce the finest quality custom logos, and fire-bake them on professionally. Because this process is quite in depth, it will require about 4 weeks lead time to receive the initial samples. After that it's a normal production delivery time. Please go to our color logo/decal section for more details.

4. Breakage, Returns, & Replacements

a. An item arrived broken, what should I do?

We are sorry to hear that! We take every effort to ensure you beer boots are well padded and packaged and arrive in one piece. . Although it is very rare to receive a broken item given the thickness and quality of our glassware, it does happen on occasion. Please inspect your shipment upon receipt for any signs of damage to the outside box. If your order does arrive broken, fear not! We've got your back! If you receive a shattered or chipped boot, please contact us within 3 days of receipt. We will file a claim and send you a replacement. You must hold onto the box for at least 5 business days after the claim is filed in case Fedex wishes to inspect the outside for damage. Here's what to do:

  1. Notify us immediately (within 3 days after you received the item, claims done beyond that will no longer be honored.)
  2. Take a digital picture of the broken glass, and the packaging if possible. (This helps us to file a claim with the shipping company)

  3. Email the picture to with the subject line Broken Glass – Your Name.

Please include the essential order information in the email including

  • a. Your Name
  • b. Your Shipping Address
  • c. The engraving text of the broken glass!
  • d. Additional order information if available

We understand your order is important to you and requires quality and timely replacement. We will do our absolute best to prioritize your order and get it to you as soon as possible.

b. Can I return my order? If so, how can I and where should I return it to?

We are unable to accept returns for all engraved and color logo products, as these are custom items which cannot be used for other customers. We will take returns within 15 days for orders of non-engraved items. Please email us at for us to provide you the appropriate return instructions. You will be required to pay for the shipping charges.

Other than your boot arriving to you in perfect condition, we make no warranty, expressed or implied on your product beyond that point. We are not responsible for breakages or damage after you have received your boot. While quite durable(especially the machine pressed ones) all beer boots can be broken if abused, dropped or not properly cared for.

5. Ordering

a. How can I place an order using your site?

Ordering on BeerFestBoots. com is easy as 1-2-3. Simply add the products you would like to purchase to your cart, and proceed to checkout. We have a very secure and easy to use one page checkout system. After we receive your order, we will immediately send you an email confirmation of your purchase. If you have any questions about the status of your order, you are always welcome to log into your account on our site to check the status. If you have further questions, please contact us at and we will respond promptly.

b. Is ordering on your site secure?

Yes! We use a verified SSL Certificate on the entire site, ensuring your information is kept safe and secure. We never keep or are even able to see your billing information. Payment on BeerFestBoots. com is extremely secure and very straight forward. During the checkout phase you will first be offered several payment options, include all major credit cards and PayPal.

c. My order is not going through, what's wrong?

For your security our system is extremely critical of the billing address and billing information that you enter. Even slight deviations from the billing information presented on your credit card statement could decline the order. This is to protect you in the case that someone is using a stolen credit card. If your information appears accurately and your order is still not going through, you may want to consider checking your credit card statement and using the billing address that appears there. Furthermore, if you moved recently, you may want to consider trying the other address, as bank system that verifies your data may have different information.


6. Payment, Pricing & Promotions

a. I have a coupon code, how can I use that?

You will be prompted to enter your Discount Code during checkout. It is very easy and intuitive to use, but if you have difficulty finding it, please email us at

b. Are there discounts for large orders?

We offer quantity discounts on most our products. The discounts on non personalized products are higher than those on personalized products. Please contact us at 1-800-852 3111 or email us at

d. Do you share my information?


7. Order Status & Viewing Orders

a. What is the status of my order?

You can view your orders status by logging into your account at the top right of our homepage. Please keep in mind that engraving orders take 10 business days to be completed. If you have further questions about the status of your order, please email us at

8. Updating Account Information

a. How do I update my account information?

You can update your account information by logging into your account at the top right of our homepage.

9. Customer Service

a. How can I speak with someone about my order or a question?

You can reach us at 1-800-852 3111 or write us an email at